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as one of america's best known business schools, and this morning she reviews his course of study with our tracy smith. >> reporter: so where does a former super model learn to run her multimillion dollar empire? how about harvard business school? you know, you could pay people to study that stuff. >> but you miss the point. >> reporter: from the big league to the ivy leagues with tyra banks. >> later on sunday morning. >> mason: money laundering is a practice with a very bad reputation unless it's the variation our bill geist has discovered. >> reporter: laura bell found some money in her dryer. $12,000 worth of lint. have you thought about other mediums? >> no, not really. >> reporter: just lint. >> so far i'm focused on lint. >> reporter: we'll show you how to turn your dryer lint into a valuable master piece later on sunday morning. >> mason: those stories and more on this special edition of sunday morning. first here are the headlines for the 6th of march, 2011. we begin with the battle for libya where government forces now apparently have the rebels in retreat. we get this m
're not them. no, we are. >> reporter: japan, a giant wake-up call for america's nuclear industry. but what kind? later this sunday morning. >> osgood: at times there are lessons that can be taken from the ashes of a disaster. michelle miller this morning has a case in point. >> reporter: 100 years ago this friday, march 25, 1911, america came face to face with tragedy. 146 people mostly young italian and jewish women and girls died that day, trapped in a burning factory or jumping to their deaths from the factory windows as thousands of onlookers in new york city watched helplessly. we'll remember the triangle fire later on sunday morning. >> osgood: that championship season is a theatrical revival that once again is lighting up broadway. our jim axelrod decided to find out why. >> reporter: nearly 40 years ago, that championship season was a sensation, winning a tony award and a pulitzer prize. >> smile! >> reporter: now it's back on broadway in a star studded revival that's all about teamwork. >> everybody here has really put their egos aside and made a very conscious decision to work to
of america got a glimpse of someone without a facade on. he had the most scripted presidency and this was its most unscripted day. >> schieffer: an awful day to be sure, but one that came to define the legacy of ronald reagan. >> osgood: ahead, happy birthday to the real birthday girl. ♪ crossing borders with ease ♪ ♪ clearing customs' a breeze ♪ ♪ that's logistics ♪ ♪ a-di-os, cheerio, au revoir ♪ ♪ off it goes, that's logistics ♪ ♪ over seas, over land, on the web, on demand ♪ ♪ that's logistics ♪ ♪ operations worldwide, ups on your side ♪ ♪ that's logistics ♪ [ male announcer ] every day thousands of people are switching from tylenol® to advil. here's one story. my name is jose. i'm from california and i'm a messenger and deliver all over the place. so there's times i'm just climbing in and out of the van, feel your hands hurting, you feel your back hurting. i used to take tylenol. i switched to advil. been using it ever since. and when the pain is gone and you feel good and you feel healthy... work or pleasure, i can go on with my life. [ male announce
the most popular type of smart phone in america. if you still don't understand quite what android is, don't worry. >> well, most people shouldn't have to worry about what android is, right? they should just have to worry about do they have the phone or the tablet or the device that lets them do what they want, let them get to the apps they want and care about. >> reporter: the latest version of android was developed by this man. he says apps are all about individualality. >> the apps are exactly how the device kind of grows to fit you like a glove. it's much more than just about self-expression. it's all the tools that let you get through the day. it's kind of a combination swiss army knife, telephone, everything you want, you know, an apps basicsally becomes that piece of your internet- connected life. >> reporter: you can tailor it. >> exactly. >> reporter: those making apps have a lot at stake. it's estimated that global app market will exceed 38 billion dollars by 2015. clearly not kid stuff. or is it? does it seem like apps programmers are becoming like the new rock stars? >> i think
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)